Two Shot Injection Molding: Efficient LSR Manufacturing



Modern LSR injection molding manufacturing reflects innovation and efficiency that are the results of decades of experience. Today, incredible cost-efficiency can be achieved without sacrificing time or quality, so long as one employs appropriate materials, selects a fitting manufacturing process and sets high standards.

Two Shot Injection Molding: Efficient LSR Manufacturing

Fig 1: Injection Molded LSR Over a PC Housing with Steel, Threaded Inserts

One advancement in manufacturing technology that has greatly improved the possibilities for high-efficiency and cost-savings is LSR two shot injection molding.

SIMTEC is a pioneer in the emerging field of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) two shot injection molding and has a remarkable record of customer satisfaction, efficiency and insight, which allows us to improve upon engineering and part design in ways that only a qualified team, such as SIMTEC’s can!

LSR two shot injection molding is a fantastic technology that bring several benefits. It not only combines LSR and a thermoplastic together, but is a flexible method which can be engineered to incorporate additional materials.

One example, seen in Figure 1, is a housing made out of a self-adhesive LSR and steel threaded insert within a polycarbonate (PC) housing. The self-adhesive LSR functions as: (1) a soft-touch illuminated button pad, (2) a gasket and, (3) protection for the PC housing to which it adheres. The housing was designed to provide a sturdy frame, which also securely holds the threaded insert. Integrating these three functions into one component drives down not only the initial investment by only requiring one opposed to four tools, but also lowers inspection and other quality assessment costs.

Steel inserts, pins or terminals are incorporated within the initial manufacturing steps in insert molding. Material compatibility is determined before production. The finished housing does not require additional finishing or manual labor (such as flash or tail removal). Depending on tooling design, components are completed in seconds with SIMTEC’s LSR 2-Shot expertise!

At SIMTEC Silicone Parts, a leading company in manufacturing high precision parts and components, we are exclusively focused and specialized in the production of LSR and 2-Shot (LSR/Thermoplastic) components.

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