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Consumer Products

Today’s consumers demand higher quality, more durable, safe, and longer-lasting goods. Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), coupled with the precision and high-yield production available with an automated, injection molding process can be the key to delivering a product with superior performance and value.

SIMTEC has the technology, and two decades of experience producing custom LSR components to meet the demands of the consumer products market. Contact us today to discuss your products and how SIMTEC’s experience and manufacturing excellence can meet your needs and elevate your product’s performance.


LSR Components for Consumer Products

LSR offers a broad spectrum of properties and characteristics that are desirable for many consumer products. Liquid silicone rubber is naturally inert and can stand-up to chemicals and cleaning solutions. In addition to being tasteless, odorless, and biocompatible, LSR is also resistant to UV rays, mold and bacteria, and resilient in a wide range of extreme temperatures. Food grade LSRs are the preferred choice for many food and beverage related consumer products, including baby care and oral care products, and food and beverage preparation, dispensing, and storage products. This is why LSR seals, gaskets, diaphragms, valves, bellows, sealed housings, and so many other LSR components can be found in a wide range of consumer products that we use every day.

SIMTEC’s manufacturing process including high-capacity class 101 molds, fully-automated LSR, LSR multi-shot, and LSR overmolding precision injection molding systems with inline value-added operations are perfectly suited to meet the precision and high-volume demands needed for consumer products.

Two-Shot LSR Shower Heads

With true, two-shot molding the LSR and thermoplastic parts are molded and integrated in the same molding process, in one machine for superior bonding and precision mating.

Multi-material shower heads are increasingly common because the need for primers or adhesives is eliminated and allows for the creation of optimal spray characteristics.

The liquid injection molding technology allows special features, such as spray forming for reduced water consumption or massaging effects for therapeutic and pleasant experiences. Because LSR is inert, it prevents mineral and calcium buildup, making cleaning shower heads or water spouts easier.

Dripless Dosing Valves

LSR is a material that can undergo flex and elongation with no permanent deformation. This material has excellent flex fatigue resistance, thus it will stretch or twist under load, but when the load is released it will return to its initial position. Since the material is cross-linked, it will not suffer creep and its high resilience extends over long periods of time.

LSR’s characteristics make it the perfect material for dosing valves used for dispensing condiments, shampoos, lotions and other liquids, and designed so that they open under pressure and fully close when the pressure is released for drip-free dispensing.

Ear Tips

Whether listening to music or blocking out surrounding noise, ear tips or ear buds must be comfortable for long-term wear, able to stand up to the demands of daily use, especially for those with active lifestyles, and safe for extended skin contact.

With LSR, ear tips can be designed and molded with very thin sections, undercuts, or with unique shapes to allow for a comfortable, snug fit that conforms to the ear.

Because of LSR’s resistance to physical and chemical-stress and ease of cleaning, it can withstand a variety of conditions such as dirt, water, and compression.

Baby Products and Toys

Liquid Silicone Rubbers are used in medical devices for their high purity and stable hypoallergenic nature. Similarly, high tear LSRs are ideal for silicone baby products, bottle parts and components that might be bitten, sucked, or used in the mouth.

Most thermoplastic materials used to produce baby products gain their flex characteristics from plasticizers, and many times these materials contain substances that leach out of the material over time and may be harmful.

LSR is not only inert, but due to its inorganic backbone, it is not highly susceptible to bacteria or mold growth. Some examples of applications for which LSR is a good fit include bottle nipples, teething rings, pacifiers, and toys and other products that come in contact with skin and body.

Sealed Housing

LSR 2-Shot (2k) injection molding and LSR overmolding technology allow for the production of sealed housings.

Components that vibrate or require high temperatures such as shavers, blowers, trimmers, or electric motors can benefit greatly from multi-component LSR housings and dampers that incorporate the sealing properties of LSR and a thermoplastic or a metal without the need for additional assembly steps or challenges.

Shower Head

Quality Injection Molding Processes for Superior Products

SIMTEC has the technology, and nearly two decades of experience producing custom LSR components to meet the demands of the consumer products market.

Contact us today to discuss your products and how SIMTEC’s experience and manufacturing excellence can meet your needs and elevate your product’s performance.

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