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Quality & Metrology for LSR Parts: Why, What & How?

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SIMTEC’s VP of Quality discusses quality: what it means for LSR molded parts, why it is important, and how SIMTEC ensures quality parts.  In this webinar, Mr. Sevim will cover risk mitigation, defects to look for (even the sneaky ones), measuring techniques & technologies, and the keys to success.

What we’ll cover:

  • Quality Considerations
  • Planning & Best Practices
  • Measuring Techniques & What to Look For
  • Understanding the Data

Who should watch?: For all levels of experience | Quality, MS&T, Manufacturing, and Design & Product Engineers

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Presenter: Ulas Sevim, VP of Quality at SIMTEC Silicone Parts (USA)

Mr Sevim, plans, directs and executes SIMTEC’s quality initiatives, working closely with SIMTEC’s manufacturing, engineering, technology, and quality team members. Ulas Sevim is a self-proclaimed Continuous Learner and enjoys test, measurement, data driven analysis, new technology development, and organizational improvement. Since joining SIMTEC in 2019, Mr. Sevim has expanded and enhanced its quality lab with advanced quality inspection and test equipment, and implemented best practices throughout the process and organization. With a diverse customer base and concentration in medical/life sciences, consumer electronics/appliances, and automotive SIMTEC is ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and IATF 16949 certified.


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    • LSR Part Design Tips & Guidelines
    • Case Studies and Special Applications



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      Past Webinars:

      September 2020

      LSR Basics Webinar

      This webinar covers the basics of prototyping for LSR parts manufacturing. Learn more about prototyping and connect with a SIMTEC engineer to determine which method is right for your project!

      1. What is LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber)?
      2. Why use LSR?
      3. Typical applications
      4. Specialty LSR grades
      5. LIM molds & molding technology
      6. Q & A

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      October 2020

      Prototyping Methods - Webinar

      This webinar covers the basics of prototyping for LSR parts manufacturing. Learn more and connect with a SIMTEC engineer to decide what prototyping method is right for your project!

      1. Why are Prototypes Needed?
      2. What are the Prototyping Methods?
      3. How do the Different Methods Compare?

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      December 2020

      Webinar: TPE vs LSR
      This webinar looks at the properties and attributes LSRs and TPEs offer, and which is the best pick for various applications/products

      • LSR & TPE properties & characteristics, a look at the top performers
      • Choosing the best material(s) based on your application

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      January 2021

      Clean Room LSR Molding

      This webinar discusses Hygienic LSR Molding in clean rooms including:

      • What are clean rooms?
      • What are the contamination risk factors & protocols?
      • Common approaches for clean room liquid injection molding
      • SIMTEC’s hybrid approach


      SIMTEC Silicone Parts is located in Miramar FL, USA and a member of the international RICO Group. A pioneer and N.A. technology leader in high volume, LSR liquid injection molding, with a class 8 clean room and hands-free automated molding technology for hygienic production, and lights out capabilities. SIMTEC is a supplier to the Fortune 100 in the medical/healthcare, life science, automotive, consumer, and industrial/building technology segments.