Value-Added Inline Operations

Value-Added Secondary Processes

At SIMTEC Silicone Parts, we offer in-line post-molding secondary processes that eliminate the need for independent secondary operations, add value and increase productivity for our customers.

Our post-molding services are fully automated and performed within the same process, immediately after the components are robotically removed from their molds. Examples of these secondary processes include:


Post-Molding Value Added Operations Include:

  • Slitting: A customized slitting station, located with the molding cell, slits valves and other LSR components consistently and with precision accuracy. Performing a uniform and exact slitting operation can be challenging especially when LSR is the material due to its elasticity and flexibility characteristics. 
  • Laser Making: We laser mark your Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) parts with specific product identifiers, such as product or serial numbers.
  • Packaging: Using customized automation, parts are individually packaged and cell packed, immediately after molding, providing added protection from airborne particles.

Inline Value-Added Secondary Processes

Our customized fixtures precisely place and index the molded parts to ensure exact positioning. The result is precise alignment of parts and consistent, accurate execution.


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