Technical Capabilities

SIMTEC Capabilities

As a leader and pioneer in the industry, we have extensive knowedge and experience in LSR liquid injection molding (LIM). Our production process is highly automated, stable, and efficient. At SIMTEC, we specialize in precision, high-volume production of small and tiny parts, for long-term, multi-year programs. A deeper look into our manufacturing processes provides details about our advanced LSR injection molding technology and expertise.

At SIMTEC we take a complete systems approach to determine the best solution that will meet our customers’ product objectives, and that meet our own internal high standards for quality, efficiency, and productivity. Advanced technology, automation, and a team of experts are integral components in developing extraordinary solutions that meet these objectives.

LSR Component Manufacturing

The process starts with our early involvement on the front-end of programs. Our engineers work closely with customers for a thorough understanding of the component’s function and objectives. We offer a full portfolio of services tailored to meet the unique requirements of  each of our cusotmers’ specific project, including:

  1. Design and Prototyping
  2. LSR Mold and Parts Production
  3. Post-Molding Operations

Design and Prototyping

SIMTEC’s years of experience and comprehensive understanding of LSR materials and injection molding allow us to offer our customers design support to achieve optimal manufacturability and part performance. Often, prototypes are required for Form, Fit & Function evaluations, clinical trials and testing, and pilot production in advance of long-term production.

There are a wide range of options available for producing LSR prototype parts. Time, cost, and quality needs are determining factors in chosing the best solution. These options range from 3D print LAM technologies when only a handful of parts are needed, LSR parts produced using cast molds when the number of parts and quality requirments are slightly higher, to the need for production-quality LSR injection molded parts run in actual production conditons needed to meet pilot production requirements while fully automated production molds are built.

Learn more about how SIMTEC offers design and prototyping support.

Injection Molds and LSR Parts Production

Once the part design is finalized, high-capacity, fully automated class 101 production molds are designed and built. SIMTEC’s high performance fully-automated production molds are produced by our sister company RICO Elastomer and optimized for SIMTEC’s advanced molding technology.

SIMTEC’s molding cells deliver consistent shot-to-shot quality from the first parts to the last. Our lights-out capable, advanced molding technology and automation achieve a highly efficient, accurate, and consistent production phase.

SIMTEC’s molding technologies include:

Not sure which LSR production method is right for your part? Our engineers will evaluate to determine the best solution.

To meet stringent, hygienic ISO standards for components used in medical devices, healthcare products, biotechnology applicatons, life sciences and other products requiring production and packaging in a controlled, hygienic environment.

SIMTEC’s clean and accurate molding cells include:

  • Clean material mixing and precision dosing
  • Fully automated, class 101 high-capacity hardened steel molds
  • Optimized LSR single-shot, LSR two-shot (2k), multi-shot, and overmolding injection molding processing
  • Customized Parts Removal Systems (PRS) solutions for the robotic removal of parts from molds and cavity separation
  • Inline visual inspection systems for fast and accurate visual part inspection

By taking a complete systems approach, SIMTEC can determine an effective solution to meet customers’ product objectives and satisfy our own internal high standards for quality, efficiency, and productivity. Advanced technology and automation are integral components in developing extraordinary solutions that meet these objectives. Due to high performance molds, highly-stable processing, and comprehensive quality planning and metrology practices, SIMTEC delivers consistent shot-to-shot quality from the first parts to the last.

Post-Molding Operations

In addition to seamless production, SIMTEC also offers post-molding operations. By using proprietary, automated delivery systems, secondary processes such as inline slitting, marking, post-curing, and special packaging are performed accurately and efficifiently. When post molding processes are streamlined and performed inline, customers enjoy time savings and shortened supply chains.

SIMTEC’s Technical Expertise

SIMTEC Silicone Parts is a pioneer in LSR Liquid Injection Molding and a recognized  leader in silicone injection molding. A high volume, small parts specialist, SIMTEC focuses on LSR parts ranging from tiny, micro-molded parts weighing less than 1 gram up to small-sized components weighing 30 grams.

We provide our customers with the highest quality LSR components,  service, and reliability that comes from blending advanced technology, ingenuity, and a SIMTEC team with decades of combined experience and technical skills that are second to none.

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