Extraordinary LSR Solutions = Extraordinary Components

High-quality end products require safe, reliable, durable, strong materials for optimum performance. SIMTEC is the industry leader in innovative solutions, in Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and LSR Multi-Shot, across an array of markets and applications deploying its technology across industries, bridging design divides. SIMTEC excels in continuously contributing to the advancement of technology by developing solutions to challenging demands. These solutions are developed at competitive conditions by employing fully-automated manufacturing processes specifically designed for each particular need.

SIMTEC’s manufacturing of LSR Multi-Shot parts and components is changing the industry at its core, redefining the possibilities of material and parts integration. The capability to incorporate multiple materials into one component allows for infinite product design possibilities for improving and creating stellar products, ensuring product longevity and overall customer satisfaction.

The material selection process is one of the most crucial stages in product design, and though LSR offers a number of advantages it is not for every application. Opt for a solution in LSR or LSR Multi-Shot for your parts and components if you seek a material excelling in versatility, flexibility, and durability. Solutions employing LSR as the material of choice span cross industries from Automotive to, Electronics, Medical, Life ScienceHome Appliances, Sanitary, and Consumer Products.

This infographic provides a rendition of the myriad of possible solutions available when employing LSR as the ideal material of choice. As SIMTEC continues to pioneer with industry breaking technologies and processes, the lasting positive impact of high-quality materials surrounding us in our daily lives are a testament to LSR as the material of choice.

The technology driven, custom manufacturing of LSR and LSR Multi-shot parts and components derives from Extraordinary LSR Solutions™ that consistently yield Extraordinary Components. Contact Us to get started on selecting SIMTEC as your partner of choice and let’s continue trailblazing the markets.



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