Is Liquid Silicone Rubber the Right Choice for Your Product?

Wondering whether or not liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is the right choice for your project? You’re not alone. As LSR has gained in popularity in recent years, an increasing number of OEMs are looking into the possibility of using it for current and upcoming products. Let’s took at some of the five most popular and compelling arguments for making the switch.

LSR Provides Creative Solutions for Engineering Challenges

LSR is available in multiple colors and hardness levels, making it suitable for a wide range of products. It’s water-resistant and won’t degrade when exposed to chemical solvents. In addition to standard LSR, food-grade, medical-grade and electrically conductive variations are also available.

LSR Is Extremely Versatile

LSR flows easily and can be customized, molded and modified to meet the needs of your project. LSR is an excellent material choice for single- and two-shot injection molding and can be overmolded onto plastic or metal substrates. As a result, it presents an almost unlimited number of design possibilities.

LSR Is Durable

Liquid silicone rubber components can withstand extremes of temperature and harsh environmental conditions, as well as vibrations and UV exposure. They are also hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria and mold growth and possess high tensile strength. These characteristics make LSR a smart choice for any project where superior durability is required.

LSR Is Cost-Effective

Once a mold has been created, it’s extremely economical to mass-produce parts using LSR. Two-shot and overmolding capabilities eliminate an additional step in the manufacturing process, saving you additional time and money. In addition, the tight tolerances and exceptional durability that can be achieved with LSR reduce the risk of product failure over time, helping you avoid liabilities and bolstering your reputation for quality.

LSR Is Used in a Diverse Cross-Section of Industries

LSR is used to create bakeware and consumer goods, medical devices, baby products, automotive components and a number of other items. As additional manufacturers and industries are discovering the benefits it can offer, the list of potential applications is growing every day.

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