Liquid Silicone Injection Molding: A Versatile Solution for Demanding Conditions

Liquid Silicone Injection Molding

A Versatile Solution for Demanding Conditions

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) can be molded via custom liquid silicone injection molding. Liquid silicone rubber is often used to make gaskets, seals and other products where difficult conditions are an issue.

The fast cure and high performance properties of liquid silicone rubber make it an ideal candidate for small molded rubber components. What makes liquid silicone rubber (LSR) a good solution, is its flexibility and elasticity at -70°F. It also retains its properties up to 4050°F.

Liquid Silicone Injection Molding
An advantage of liquid silicone injection molding process, is its reduction of labor, a major cost in molded components. Additionally, the elevated temperature and molding pressures of the liquid silicone injection molding enhances the cure of the process. Because we receive our liquid silicone rubber supply in airtight containers, humidity is not a concern. Therefore, generally speaking, the liquid silicone injection molding process is more consistent than the rubber compression molding.

Although liquid silicone injection molding is the most common term in the industry; it is also known as liquid silicone rubber molding, liquid silicone rubber injection molding, liquid silicone molding, silicone liquid molding, liquid silicone injection moulding, silicone injection molding, LIM molding, silicone rubber molding and silicone molding – all used frequently and mostly interchangeably.

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