Multi-Shot Injection Molding

Multi-Shot Injection Molding

Multi-shot injection molding, also known as two-shot molding, is a process where multiple materials are injected into the mold simultaneously. This differs from traditional techniques that involve only a single injection. Multi-shot molding is an enhanced version of the two-shot process, as it enables the combination of multiple materials into one production cell.

multi-shot injection molding

The multi-component injection molding process represents the latest in liquid silicone rubber (LSR)/thermoplastic injection technologies and can offer numerous advantages for your company’s manufacturing applications.

How Multi-Shot Injection Molding Works

The multi-injection molding process entails the integration of three materials — LSR, a metal and a thermoplastic — into one component within a single manufacturing cell. The injections are applied via independent nozzles at multiple surface locations. This enables the fast, efficient production of a wide variety of products ranging from automotive components to hinges, handles and many types of movable parts. See it in action below.

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What Are the Benefits of Multi-Material Injection Molding?

Multi-injection molding offers numerous functional and aesthetic benefits. For one, product designers have greater flexibility to create more innovative products, which is advantageous for users that require customization. Manufacturers and designers can easily incorporate multiple colors, combine otherwise incompatible materials and apply softer materials over hard surfaces.

multi shot injection molding benefits

Multi-shot molding also eliminates the need for secondary manufacturing processes for adding text, graphics or logos — this can be accomplished in a single step, which saves time and reduces production and labor costs. Manufacturers can improve the appearance of complex products, while simultaneously reducing process steps, which can dramatically improve overall operating efficiency.

Another important multi-shot injection molding benefit is the improved craftsmanship. The combination of fewer production steps and a cleaner, smoother transition of materials creates a more efficient manufacturing process that reduces the likelihood of errors and re-dos. This results in improved quality and a reduction in waste materials caused by production mistakes.

Finally, multi-shot injection molding can improve the durability of the finished product, resulting in a longer lifespan and reducing the need for a premature replacement. This can give you an edge over your competitors, as you’ll be able to provide a long-lasting, higher-quality product at an affordable price.

multi-shot injection molding can improve durability

General Multi-Shot Injection Molding Applications

Examples of products that are well-suited for the multi-shot molding process include:

  • Handles for all types of power tools
  • Medical/dental devices and products
  • Various multi-color parts and components
  • Any parts containing flexible/movable hinges
  • Products with soft-touch handles such as staplers
  • Two-tone plastic lenses
  • Caps
  • Enclosures
  • Parts containing seals
  • Flexible buttons
  • Automobile dashboards and instrumentation

Products suited for multi-shot molding

Specific Multi-Shot Injection Molding Industrial Applications/Benefits

Industries that would benefit the most from multi-shot molding include:

  • Medical Some of the most important product innovations are taking place in the healthcare field. As medical device designs continue to become more complex, manufacturers must adapt their capabilities to keep pace. The enhanced design flexibility afforded by multi-shot molding makes it much easier for medical device manufacturers to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. As with all LSR products, these devices are also bacteria-resistant and biocompatible.
  • Automotive The automotive industry is also known for its seemingly endless technological advancements. Multi-material injection molding is ideally suited for the 21st-century auto manufacturing technology. By eliminating the need for additional assembly, it’s the perfect choice for the LSR metal and LSR plastic parts and components that are prevalent in today’s vehicles.
  • Consumer goods Multi-shot molding offers a cost-effective option for manufacturing many of today’s consumer goods. It provides a reliable method for virtually any product requiring watertight or airtight seals and gaskets, while also providing excellent environmental sealing and insulative properties.

industries that benefit from multi-shot injection molding

SIMTEC: The Leader Among Multi-Injection Molding Companies

SIMTEC is proud to be at the forefront of the development of multi-injection molding technology. We’ve created and implemented a revolutionary approach regarding the integration of functions and materials, resulting in a proprietary multi-shot molding process that is unmatched in our industry. This enables us to meet the needs of companies in the medical, automotive and consumer products industries, as well as many others.

SIMTEC multi-shot injection molding

We also feature the advanced production capabilities that enable us to fulfill even the most complex design requirements — without sacrificing quality, durability or aesthetic appeal. What’s more, we support our multi-shot injection process with a full complement of value-added services such as prototyping, packaging, secondary processing and more.

Contact us today to learn more about the many ways in which multi-injection molding can add value to your company’s manufacturing processes and applications.