Liquid Silicone Rubber


Breakthrough inventions are the result of ideas, guts, perseverance, and dedication. They are the engine of the future economy. Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is at the cutting edge of these breakthroughs. It allows for the creation of products impossible to make before. All of this is made possible thanks to its unique properties and the endless number of applications. Additionally, liquid silicone rubber is efficient and environmentally friendly. In other words, thanks to liquid silicone rubber, the future of innovations is looking bright.

Liquid Silicone Rubber creates endless new possibilities. The integration of inorganic silicones and organic polymers (using the liquid silicone rubber 2-Shot injection molding process) is quickly becoming the key to innovation. The evidence is in the large array of existing applications being developed on an almost daily basis. What is more compelling, is the limitless applications that can be created using liquid silicone rubber. Innovations that none of us have even thought of before. For instance, its heat resistance and thermal stability can be used in an array of industries. Additionally, new applications can be created by combining liquid silicone rubber with other components which present completely new properties. In other words, combining liquid silicone rubber with other substances opens up still more possibilities.

Liquid silicone rubber transcends its vertical industry. Not only can it be applied to an array of markets and industries but it safely responds to economic and environmental challenges. For example, with the liquid silicone rubber injection molding process, there is no waste created during the manufacture of LSR part and components, which minimizes any environmental impact. Additionally, in integrating LSR and a material such as a thermoplastic, one can benefit from the material properties of both materials while at the same time reducing or eliminating assembly costs.

Ultimately, liquid silicone rubber is maximizing productivity, saving costs, and leveraging technology to provide a better and safer future for our world. Liquid silicone rubber is still in its infancy and great discoveries await it. SIMTEC Silicone Parts is part of this incredible revolution and is committed to helping current and new innovations shape the future.




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