Four Benefits of Custom Injection Molding

With Contributing Expertise From: Luis Marrero

Injection molding is one of many options available for prototyping and manufacturing. Depending on the application, it can offer several benefits over other methods of production. In this article, we look at four of the most important benefits that custom injection molding can deliver for your business.


Custom injection molding is one of the most versatile methods of bringing a product to market. A wide range of options allows for a high degree of flexibility. With injection-molded components, complex features are easy to produce, while different materials offer differing levels of strength, ductility or temperature resistance, as well as different colors. Molds are easy to create and modify, which further adds to injection molding’s versatility.


Custom injection molding is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of mass production. Injection molding produces quality parts with exceptional accuracy — which means the finished product lasts longer and that less material is wasted overall. Additionally, depending on the material, when the process does yield a defective or unusable part, that part can be melted down to its basic components and repurposed in the future.


The efficiency of custom injection molding isn’t just good for the environment — it’s also good for your business. Because the process is virtually waste-free, it can accommodate large-scale production with no loss in quality or excess manufacturing costs. Once you have a mold and a design that’s proven to work, it is possible to automate the process, allowing you to turn around even complex or high-volume orders quickly.

Also, silicone-molded parts typically require little finishing to be ready for use, which eliminates an expensive and time-consuming secondary step.


The bottom line on custom injection molding is that it’s a highly economical way of bringing a product to market. All the above benefits — the ease with which designs and be customized and the range of potential applications, the sustainable, waste-free nature of the process, and its overall speed and efficacy — make custom injection molding the right choice for any organization on a budget.


SIMTEC Silicone Parts is a longstanding provider of custom injection molding services for businesses throughout the country. We have extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities and rigorous quality assurance protocols. As a result, we can turn around anything from initial prototyping and short-run manufacturing to mass production projects.

We specialize in custom injection molding with liquid silicone rubber (LSR). LSR is ideal for use in automotivemedical and consumer products. As a dedicated partner to Fortune 100 businesses, we work with each of our clients to find solutions that make sense for them. Get in touch to request a quote today.



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