Choosing a Silicone Molding Company

There are many silicone molding companies out there — and many options for manufacturers looking for a partner on an upcoming project. Unfortunately, manufacturers may not have the background necessary to differentiate between injection molding companies’ stated capabilities and technical specifications. This persistent information gap poses a challenge to making informed decisions when dealing with such a technical subject.

So what can you do to minimize risk when choosing a silicone molding company? The first step is to educate yourself and to work with a company that offers the following advantages:


The success of your project depends in part on the expertise of the injection molding company responsible for manufacturing it. To ensure the job goes well, you need to choose a partner you can trust. While your design specifications and budget will play a role in determining your options, an injection molding company will provide specific advice related to material selection, mold development and more.

Look for a partner who will bring a demonstrated track record of working with high-profile clients and who takes the necessary time to understand your requirements. They should also provide transparent communication with detailed estimates, plus assistance at all stages of the manufacturing process.


A rigorous quality assurance program is one of the main things that makes a good silicone molding company. For medical or food-grade manufacturing, a Class VIII (100,000) or Class VII (10,000) clean room is essential too.

Other things to look for include an in-process inspection plan that assigns database control numbers for enhanced traceability, making it easy to look up production dates, manufacturing processes and material composition.


A silicone injection molding company should be able to deliver high-quality and informed service, whether your needs include product prototyping or mass production. Increasingly, manufacturers are looking for a more seamless transition from development to production. When a molding company can scale their services upwards to meet your requirements, it means less time and expense and fewer uncertainties as you bring your product to market.


SIMTEC is a leading silicone injection molding company. We serve Fortune 100 businesses with a focus on clients in the automotivemedical device and other industries. We provide excellent communication every step of the way, helping you understand your options and make informed decisions. We turn around all projects quickly and have an industry-leading quality assurance system that allows us to scale production upwards with no loss in traceability or accountability.

Count on us for both long- and short-run manufacturing, product prototyping and secondary services such as assembly and packaging. To learn how we can help you or to request a quote, contact us today.



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