LSR 2-Shot Injection Molding


LSR 2-Shot or multi-component injection molding is sometimes referred to as overmolding, in-mold, assembly injection molding, or twin shot. In general, this process consists of overmolding LSR directly onto a thermoplastic substrate immediately after the thermoplastic substrate has been molded, in the same mold and the same injection molding machine. This process allows for the integration of several functions, parts, and materials into one component, fused for life. This process allows for the best features of both materials to be taken advantage of while simultaneously reducing or eliminating the need for post-molding assembly operations. Additionally, initial investments are reduced, as only one tool is required to produce the component. Qualification and inspection costs for the tool and product are also reduced.

LSR 2-Shot Injection Molding

SIMTEC prides itself in being at the forefront of LSR 2-Shot (LSR/Thermoplastic) technology, and makes every effort to remain a leader in LSR and LSR 2-Shot injection molding technology. We are continually investing in this technology, and our fleet of injection molding machines includes one of the first as well as one of the largest LSR/Thermoplastic injection molding machines (with a clamping force of 350 tons) outside of Europe. We are ready to apply our unique area of specialization to your application(s), customizing each step of the process to create a superior end-product that makes the most of the inherent benefits of both LSR and our LSR 2-Shot injection molding processes.

LSR 2-Shot technology allows for part weight optimization, complex designs, and the integration of multiple materials and (where needed) multiple functions into one component. LSR 2-Shot injection molding is well suited for parts with tight tolerances and complicated geometries, as well as parts with wall thickness consistency requirements. With this process, we are able to provide solutions that ensure the repeatable production of high precision, high quality, parts for large volume applications.

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