LSRs & TPEs Webinar

LSRs & TPEs: What’s the Best Pick for You?

Webinar: TPE vs LSR
This webinar looks at the properties and attributes LSRs and TPEs offer, and which is the best pick for various applications/products

  • LSR & TPE properties & characteristics, a look at the top performers
  • Choosing the best material(s) based on your application

Presenter: Bilal Rafiq, SIMTEC Application Engineer

Bilal Rafiq

Bilal Rafiq is an Application Engineer at SIMTEC Silicone Parts with 5 + years of experience in LSR and LSR Multi-shot (with plastic/metals/etc.) advanced molding technologies. He works closely with his customers to find the best solutions for their high volume, multi-year projects involving Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR). Bilal manages projects from the onset, including design and R&D, through process validation and commercial aspects, to ensure streamlined project development for Medical OEMs and other industry-leading companies.

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