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Material and Properties

Material and Properties - Image

Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSRs) are molecules formed from a basic silicone oxide backbone.

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Multi-Component / Over-molded Parts

Multicomponent Overmolded Parts - Image

Multi-component or multi-material injection molding is a process that has developed greatly in the last decade.

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Supporting Research / Viscoelastic Behavior

Supporting Research Viscoelastic Behavior of LSR - Image

A polymer is a solid and a liquid at all times, temperatures, and degrees of vulcanization.

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Characterization and Modeling of the Curing Process of Silicone Rubber

Characterization & Modeling of the Curing Process of LSR - Image

The objectives covered in this presentation include characterizing the material and modeling the cure processes to find a correct reaction model.

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Modeling the Vulcanization Process

Modeling the Vulcanization Process of HCR and LSR - Image

During vulcanization, the long chains of the elastomer chemically cross-link.

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A Study of Injection Molded Liquid Silicone Rubber for Syringe Applications

A Study of Injection Molded LSR for Syringe Applications - Image

Over the past 50 years, silicone rubbers have become increasingly popular. To learn more about this thermoset elastomer and read about its application in the Medical field, specifically with syringes, please complete the following form.

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