SIMTEC Head of Engineering to Present at 2019 LSR Executive Conference

Calvin Pendorf, Head of Engineering at SIMTEC Silicone Parts will be a featured speaker at the upcoming 2019 LSR Conference. With SIMTEC recognized as a pioneer and leader in precision LSR injection molding, and their recent addition of a unique, smart-design class 8 clean room, Mr. Pendorf was asked to share his knowledge and insight with 2019 LSR Conference attendees.

Calvin Pendorf_SIMTEC LSR Conf Speaker

Mr. Pendorf, who spearheaded the clean room project, will enlighten his audience with his presentation entitled, “LSR Injection Molding for Clean Room and Medical Applications.

To learn more and register for the LSR 2019 conference, please visit the Executive Conference website.

lsr 2019 executive conference