Chapter 5: Medical Industry LSR Products, Devices, Instruments Used

LSR Products in the Medical Industry

Like most industries that use LSR solutions, the medical industry has endless design options when it comes to manufacturing appropriate products for various functions. Anything you need that requires biocompatibility, thermal stability, and flexibility along with dozens of other benefits can be crafted using SIMTEC Silicone Parts’ rubber solutions. We can manufacture items such as syringe stoppers, caps, catheters, liquid feeding bottles, rings, gaskets, and dialysis filters.

For more details, see how we support the healthcare market with different products.

Flow Control Valves

Flow control valves made from liquid silicone rubber offer high precision and uniform components. LSR provides the ideal flexibility for silicone valves because the material can yield under pressure but closes when released. We manufacture control valves and slit them in-mold for a seamless contact seal.

Syringe Stoppers

If you are in the market for syringe stoppers, SIMTEC’s solutions ensure optimal sealing pressure plus friction. LSR has strength and low compression set, and our technology assures repeatable, consistent, and high-quality parts. There is no variability, and our overmolding methods can add exceptional value to syringe stoppers.

Multi-Component Metal and Plastic

Liquid silicone rubber is also ideal for multi-component metal and plastic devices. Benefits include heightened part quality and consistency along with the elimination of complicated assemblies. It reduces costs and assembly time, and overmolding tool handles increases grip for added comfort and accuracy. You can sterilize the multi-component parts without damaging the surface.

Connectors, Caps, and Device Components

Connectors, caps, and device components are other tools we can develop as we can mold connectors and silicone valve caps into any shape with various grades of strength and elasticity. We chemically or mechanically bond LSR to other plastics or metals. The LSR injection molding process is suitable for device components, such as medical grade silicone tubing connectors. Benefits include high purity, flexibility, inertness, and transparency. SIMTEC constructs diaphragms that provide dimensional stability, high transparency, and purity.

LSR Injection Molding Process

Infusion Pumps, Dialysis Filters, and Pull Rings

If your company produces infusion pumps and dialysis filters, you need components like silicone rubber seals, connectors, gaskets, and impellers, and LSR is the ideal material. It is versatile and will sustain its physical and mechanical features when exposed to different environments and substances. The instruments we create are suitable for medical devices that come in contact with blood, chemicals, and bodily fluids. With the high compression set and hypoallergenic properties of LSR, pull rings will have high purity levels and mechanical properties that will allow the tool to yield under applied pressure.

Sterilized Products

When it comes to sterilization, materials like thermoplastic rubber or other rubber seals will fail and age when exposed to extreme temperatures and chemicals. However, liquid silicone rubber has long-lasting, non-aging mechanical properties with minimal variances through extreme temperatures and situations. You can treat any LSR product with ethylene oxide, steam-autoclave, electron beam radiation, and gamma radiation with no damage done to the silicone rubber.

Vibration Dampers

SIMTEC can develop precision equipment like vibration dampers, too. If you’re using high electronic or mechanical equipment like surgical cutting tools, strategically placing a vibration damper on a device can reduce vibration for more accuracy during surgery or other skilled practices.

Seals, Gaskets, and O-Rings

LSR is the perfect material to craft gaskets, seals, and silicone rubber O-rings because of its high purity and chemical inertness. Our rubber solution can maintain low mechanical aging, compression set, and stress relaxation. LSR outperforms other rubbers when it comes to electronic equipment valves, seals, and casing.

Drug-Eluting Devices

Drug-eluting devices are another popular end product of LSR. For example, the rubber can hold hormones as used in the NuvaRing, or introduce anti-inflammatory meds directly into heart tissue when used in a pacemaker heart catheter lead. LSR won’t leak or break after prolonged use or exposure to various elements.

LSR won't leak or break after prolonged use

Other medical solutions we produce include:

  • Disposable medical pieces
  • Drug delivering systems
  • Electrical connectors
  • Endoscopic devices
  • Gynecological and urological devices
  • Hydrocephalic shunts
  • Infant care products
  • Masks
  • Medical implants
  • Needle-free valve sights
  • Replacement finger joints
  • Respiratory components
  • Sealing membranes
  • Seals
  • Wound drain bulbs


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