SIMTEC provides a diverse range of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and LSR 2-Shot molded products to multiple industries. You can find our products and components in the automotive, consumer, medical device, and baby toy market, along with many more. Let a SIMTEC expert help you design and launch your injection molded product. We can assist you whether you need one prototype or require a production run in the millions.









Healthcare Products

LSR has the biocompatibility and hypoallergenic features that minimize the risk of an allergic reaction to the end user, and the hygienic nature of the material discourages the growth and spread of fungi and bacteria. Other unique characteristics such as durability, transparency, ultraviolet- and stain-resistance, and the ability to endure extreme temperatures have fueled the use of LSR in the medical sector. SIMTEC has a selection of silicone-based materials and processes to fabricate injection molded products for use in a large variety of medical and healthcare devices, including products used for home healthcare to instruments and devices required in operating rooms, including:

  • Flow Control Valves
  • Connectors and Caps
  • Device Components
  • Diaphragms
  • Needle Free Valve Sights
  • Syringe Stoppers
  • Sterilized Parts
  • Precision Equipment
  • Vibration Dampers
  • Gaskets, Seals, and O-rings

SIMTEC has the experience and expertise to fulfill orders for medical injection molding products with various complexities and design specifications. We can help you produce affordable products for your end-user that adhere to the increasingly high-quality control standards required in the medical device and healthcare industry. As an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016/NS-EN ISO 123485:2016, and IATF 16949:2016 certified company, SIMTEC has established one of the lowest defect rates in our industry. Our Class VIII (100,000) and Class VII (10,000) clean room conditions will eliminate any concern of contamination from dust and other airborne particles.

LSR Automotive Solutions

Since our inception in 2001, SIMTEC Silicone Parts has become a global leader in the fabrication of custom injection molded components for the automotive industry.  High performance cars and trucks require LSR gaskets, grommets, valves, o-rings, and other molded automotive parts that must meet high tolerances and precise specifications. We specialize in delivering these high- volume orders for some of the largest automotive industry suppliers in the world.

  • Self-Lubricating Components
  • Custom O-Rings
  • Membranes: Anti-Drain Backflow Valves
  • Lighted Panel Buttons
  • Wiring Harness Components
  • Soft-Touch Components

Management in the automotive industry recognizes the benefits that Liquid Silicone Rubber injection molding offers for automotive parts and components. The superior durability, high thermal stability, and resistance to compression, tears, and stress makes LSR the best option — whether you need standalone parts or mold silicone rubber material directly onto plastic or metal components. SIMTEC has the high-volume production capabilities you need, which makes us the ideal partner for automotive OEMs or 1st and 2nd tier automotive suppliers.

Consumer Products

Many consumer goods require components that are tasteless and odorless. These injection molded products must also have the ability to withstand a range of temperatures, resist mold and bacteria, and exhibit UV-resistance. Many consumer products require soft, flexible material properties that LSR offers. The flexibility and other unique characteristics of LSR make it the ideal raw material for manufacturing a wide range of consumer goods. SIMTEC manufactures several injection molded parts and products for the consumer market, including

  • Bakeware
  • Overmolded shower heads
  • Cosmetic applicators
  • Print rollers
  • Baby products and toys

SIMTEC has more than 10 years of experience producing custom molded consumer goods and related parts. If you manufacture cookware such as silicone baking molds, rubber gaskets, children’s toys, buttons, or other rubber molded products, we can help.

Specialty Applications

Liquid silicone rubber has all of the attributes — high thermal stability, o-zone and UV resistance, and long term, non-aging mechanical properties — required to maintain dependable performance under the most challenging environmental conditions. These attributes include:

  • Valve and Gauge, Membranes and Seal Rings
  • Irrigation and Filtration Components
  • Seals, Gaskets, and O-Rings
  • Low Pressure Exit, Check, and One-Way Valves
  • Lighted Panel Buttons
  • Overmolded Parts

SIMTEC employs fully automated injection molding technology that is perfect for tight tolerances, simple or complex parts, and parts that have unique geometries. From design and prototyping to packaging and delivery, our advanced production capabilities, renowned quality control system, and more than a decade of exclusive experience with Liquid Silicone Rubber will offer value-added service at all stages of the LSR/ plastic injection molding process. Located in Miramar, Florida, we have easy access to several major shipping corridors, which allows us to fulfill domestic orders or ship products anywhere around the globe. We’ll work with you to turn around your injection molding project faster and for less.  Contact a SIMTEC representative today to learn more. Markets and industries we currently serve include automotive, consumer, healthcare, electronics and other special applications. We develop customized, innovative LSR and LSR 2-Shot parts and components for Fortune 100 companies located in Asia, Europe and North America.