Liquid Silicone Injection Molding: A Versatile Solution for Demanding Conditions

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) can be molded via custom liquid silicone injection molding. Liquid silicone rubber is often used to make gaskets, seals and other products where difficult conditions are an issue.

Silicone Prototyping: Chemical Compatibility of LSR

The chemical composition of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) makes it the perfect candidate for silicone prototyping. It is unique in comparison to many common elastomers. The inherent properties of LSR make it an ideal choice for uses in specific chemical environments, as well as for silicone prototyping.

Open Nozzle System or Valve Gate?

Choosing the right injection technology for LSR molding is key to a successful part, especially in the case of directly gated components (no sprue).  The two most popular systems involve open nozzle systems and valve gates.

Two Shot Injection Molding: Efficient LSR Manufacturing

Modern LSR injection molding manufacturing reflects innovation and efficiency that are the results of decades of experience. Today, incredible cost-efficiency can be achieved without sacrificing time or quality, so long as one employs appropriate materials, selects a fitting manufacturing process and sets high standards.

Two Shot Molding | Multi-Station Molds: Transfer Molds

For Two Shot Molding, a multi-shot mold is needed. There are several types of multi-shot molding available, such as over-molds, core-back, and multi-station molds. The right mold selection depends on part geometry, volume, quality, and molder capacity/capability.