Properties of Liquid Silicone Rubber (Part II)

Silicone rubbers exhibit many useful characteristics. The electrical properties are, in general, superior to those of organic rubbers, and the conductivity can be customized using special additives.

Properties of Liquid Silicone Rubber (Part I)

Liquid SiliconeRubber exhibit many useful characteristics. They are mixed inorganic-organic polymers and the polysiloxanes (silicon-oxygen) bonds are responsible for the final properties of the materials.

Double Injection of Liquid Silicone Rubber and Thermoplastics

A challenge in today’s industry is to create high-performance products with few components. The best solution is to design parts made with multiple materials in a single process.

Liquid Silicone Rubber for Medical Applications

Medical grade silicones have many advantageous physical and chemical properties that have been utilized for over 40 years. The main difference between conventional and medical grade silicones is the curing system used.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Fatigue

Silicone’s fatigue behavior is sensitive to cyclic load limits and factors that influence the fatigue. Each effect has different factors which have an impact on the behavior. The load history denotes the associated mechanical severity.